Lecture Schedule of Internetworking Technologies, 2017-18

Lecture Topics Presentation Readings Activities Comments
1-2 Course Introduction PDF


Explore Stanford's MOOC on Networking
3-4 Software Architecture PDF Link
3-4 Software Design and Implementation PDF Link Videos on Design Patterns - 1,2
5 Internet Architecture PDF Link
6 Future Internet Architectures - GENI PDF Link
7-8 Future Internet Architectures - IoT
9 Names, Addresses and Routes PDF Link
Self-Study Future Internet Architectures - NDN PDF Link
10 Future Internet Architectures - Virtualization, NFV and SDN PDF Link  Prof. Scott Shenker's Lectures on SDN - 1,2  SDN Review Article
11-12 Tutorial Session PDF ICN-Survey, VI
13 Models of Networking PDF Link
14-16 Elements of Protocols  PDF
 17-20 Patterns in Protocols Class Notes  Link
 21 Tutorial Session PDF
 22  SMP Protocol  PDFs
23  Network Measurements PDF
24-25  Wireshark PDF
26-27  Measurement Strategies  PDF  Link
28 Introduction to CDNs PDF Link
29-31  Web Caches  PDF  Explore Future of HTTP and Caching Tutorial
Self-Study CDNs for Streaming Media  PDF  Link
Self-Study HTTP Streaming PDF  Link
32-33 Request Routing in CDNs  PDF  Link
34 Building CDNs   PDF  Link
35-36  DTN Architecture  PDF  Link
Self-Study Routing in DTNs PDF   Link
37-38 Bundle Protocol  PDF  Link
 39- 40 Tutorial Session on CDNs PDF