Object Oriented Programming, 2015-16

Announcements have been completed migrated to piazza.com. This page remains only for historic purposes.


  1. The syllabus for Quiz-III is: UML topics - package diagrams, use cases, activity diagrams, sequence and communication diagrams
  2. Greenfoot schedule for the coming week:
    Online submission on 23.08.2015
    Evaluation on 25.08.2015
  3. Lab seating arrangement and pre-lab for the first lab are available on Labs page.


  1. Project groups created on Piazza.
  2. Project mentors list released and is available on Projects page.
  3. Evaluation guidelines for Greenfoot game are made public through piazza post.


  1. Quiz-2 shall be held on 17.08.2015.
  2. The syllabus for Quiz-II is Chapter-3 and 4 of OOAD, [Grady Booch] book.


  1. Postponed Quiz-1 shall be held on 17.08.2015.
  2. Tentative list of project selections posted on piazza.
  3. Complete the following Greenfoot related activities before OOP class on 13.08.2015.
    a) Watch videos 7-19 of the Greenfoot playlist available on the lecture schedule page
    b) Complete Game-I based on instructions given on lecture schedule page
    c) Pick a game from http://play.mob.org/ and indicate your group choice on
    d) A game can't be picked by more than 5 groups.
    e) This final game is to be submitted through Photon with demonstration video on 23.08.2015.


  1. Watch the first six Joy of Code videos on Greenfoot by Prof. Michael Kolling. The videos are available on Youtube and on Photon.
  2. Install Greenfoot on your laptop and bring the laptop to the class on 08.08.2015.


  1. Lab-1 scheduled on 03.08.2015 is converted to class. All the students are requested to be present in LT4 instead of CC.
  2. Complete your profile survey at: http://goo.gl/forms/SwUyq0gphg
  3. Select your top-3 preferences for projects by 09.08.2015.