Lecture Schedule of Object Oriented Programming, 2015-16

Date Lecture Topics Presentation Readings Activities Comments
03.08.2015 Course Introduction PDF Watch Myth of Genius Programmer
04.08.2015 Complexity  Parts - 1, 2, 3  Watch video lectures on Complexity Prof. Edgar Dijkstra - Why is Software So Expensive?
07.08.2015 The Object Model Parts - 1, 2, 3   Watch video lectures on the Object Model  Chapters 1 - 6 of Introduction to OOP using C++
11.08.2015 Classes and Objects PDF  Watch video lectures on Classes and Objects Quarks of Object Oriented Development
13.08.2015 Classification Parts - 1, 2, 3, 4   Watch video lectures on the Object Model Read Modeling through CRC Cards and PPT of OOAD, BITS course
18.08.2015 UML Diagrams - Introduction, Package Diagrams, Use cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence and Communication Diagrams Watch Derek Banas's UML videos on Photon or Youtube
25.08.2015 UML Diagrams - Class and Object Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams Watch Derek Banas's UML videos on Photon or Youtube
03.09.2015, 08.09.2015  Software Development Process PDF  Open Source SDP XP  FreeBSD case study
10.09.2015  Objects, Classes and Access Specifiers PDF
 12.09.2015  Interfaces and Abstract Classes PDF  Designing with Interfaces, Bill Venners (advanced material)
15.09.2015 Reusing Classes and Polymorphism PDF
26.09.2015, 29.09.2015 VarArgs, Arrays and Comparable vs Comparator Interfaces zip,
InstanceOf Examples
 Readings on InstanceOf-Bill Venners, John O'Hanley, Equals
01.10.2015, 06.10.2015 Sequence Diagrams to Java PDF  Read Collaboration between Objects
 03.10.2015 Nisanth Chunduru's Presentation on Software Development PDFSummary  Hiring Good Programmers by Jason Fried, 37Signals
08.10.2015 Anadi Rastogi's Presentation on MVC architecture and Microservices PDF Larry Wall Interview
10.10.2015 Ms. Rizwan Parveen's Discussion on Software Development
13.10.2015, 15.10.2015 Exceptions PDF Read Exception-Handling
Best Practices and Patterns
 On learning programming languages - Larry Wall, Bjarne Stroustrup
17.10.2015, 20.10.2015, 24.10.2015 Collections Part-I, Part-II  Collections Code Collections lecture @ MIT
31.10.2015, 12.11.2015 Generics Outline
03.11.2015, 05.11.2015 Inner Classes PDF Jenkov tutorial on Inner Classes
Threads Outline
Prototyping Classes
Greenfoot (by Anurag Rai, Rajat Misra and Sukriti Tiwari)
08.08.2015 Greenfoot Class-I Step-by-Step instructions on Game-I, Game-I Demo Watch first six videos of Joy of Code on Photon or Youtube  Install Greenfoot on your laptop and come to class with laptop.
 13.08.2015 Greenfoot Class-II  Watch videos#7-19 of Joy of Code on Photon or Youtube  Pick a game for final implementation and update the Wiki page
18.08.2015 Greenfoot Class-III Game-II DemoGame-II Images Watch videos#20-26 of Joy of Code on Photon or Youtube
22.08.2015 Greenfoot Class-IV
25.08.2015 Greenfoot Game Demo